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The Basics of Black Jack in Buffalo, Rochester and Western New York at a Casino Party

The Basics of playing Black Jack also known as 21 in Buffalo, Rochester or Western New York at an Uptown Casino Party

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Black Jack also known as 21 is the casino game that is most played in the world. Black Jack is a game where the player competes against the dealer and not the other players at the table. The game of Black Jack can be played with a single deck of cards or multiple 52 card decks.

In order to understand the game of Black Jack, it is necessary to understand how the different cards are ranked. Here is an example of the basic rank of hand in Black Jack:
As you can see the numbered cards are the value on the card.
The Face Cards are all valued at 10
The ACE is counted as either 1 or 11, it is usually counted as 11 unless it would put you over 21, it that case it is counted as 1
With that in mind...any ACE and ten valued card in the first two cards dealt is a natural black jack

To better understand what a Black Jack Table looks like in the casino, please check out the example:
There are different variations of Black Jack and not all casinos have the same black jack odds. At an Uptown  Fantasy Casino Party, Black Jack is payed 2 to 1 and insurance is not played.

To WIN at Black Jack the player must have 21 in their first two cards which is a natural Black Jack without the dealer also having Black Jack. The other ways to WIN at Black Jack are after drawing cards to add to your initial two cards your cards add up higher than the dealer without going over 21. Also, a player can stand and let the dealer draw additional cards until there hand reaches at least 17 or goes over 21. At an Uptown Casino Party in Buffalo, Rochester or anywhere in Western New York our dealers stand on a soft 17, which is any ACE and 6.

Casinos have the advantage at Black jack because the players have to act first. Therefore if a player draws cards that add up to over 21 they will forfeit the chips wagered on the hand. The Dealer acts last after all players have drawn cards.

When playing Black Jack in the casino or at an Uptown Casino Party, there is some basic strategy and we have an example below. Remember this is only an example not a sure thing as to what to do!
Basic terms used at an Uptown Black Jack table include:
Hit: take another card as long as your cards add up to under 21
Bust: when the player or dealers cards add up to over 21
Stand: keep the cards you have and do not draw any additional cards
Double Down: Player must double the initial bet and will receive only ONE Card
Split: If initial cards dealt are the same player has the option to split and placing an equal bet will then play two separate hands. The dealer will give additional cards and played as two separate hands with two opportunities to win

Many rules and variations of Black Jack exist and we hope you have learned a few basic rules of how Black Jack is Played.

We look forward to seeing you at an Uptown Fantasy Casino Party in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse soon!! 
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